(Seattle Public Libraries)



The process to create way finding symbols for the libraries began with research and sketches. The goal was to experiment with different shapes, and form language in order to communicate the library. 



Finding the correct form language used for the symbol set was the most important aspect for communicating the library as a whole. I knew I wanted to convey friendly, fun, and easily legible icons. The problem was that the symbols also needed to be sophisticated rather than childish. This is why I explored many different shapes, colors, and forms.


Final Product

Through exploration I found the style, form and color that worked best for the client. My goal was to create icons that fit the library environment, in an engaging way. I chose to make a rounded and filled icon style  as I strove for a style that was suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds. I played with color a lot in my previous iterations, but finally settled on orange as a bright, friendly color with high visibility in a busy space.