Pod is a wearable quick-relief inhaler that is designed for children to wear with an accompanying app for parents. The goal of Pod is to increase communication between parents, children and doctors by tracking a child's unique asthma triggers, thus making asthma easier to manage for all parties.  In this project I collaborated with an industrial design student and an interaction design student from the UW Design program. 

What I did: Logo and Identity Design, Characters, Booklets, App Screens, Video Editing, and Packaging Visuals.

Pod Wearable Inhaler

Final Capstone Project
Professor: Kristine Matthews, UW
Partners: Lea Martin, Tess Manthou

Through research we found that problems for young asthma sufferers arose around device usage, education and communication. Thus we decided to create the Pod wearable inhaler with an accompanying Pod app for parents that will help to track asthma triggers. The Pod inhaler alerts the parents app when Pod has been used, as well as keeping track of location, heart rate, pollen level and more, that can help to define a child's personal asthma trigger. Along with these is also a set of Pod booklets, one for parents and one for children to help educate both parents, and children in language they understand.

Our design goals were to make the identity of Pod as friendly and empowering as possible. There is a stigma associated with asthma that belittles a child's confidence. We wanted to directly challenge that stigma and empower children with asthma to dream big, to do whatever they set their minds to.

This video highlights the use of the Pod inhaler with the accompanying use of the Pod app. These devices used in conjunction help parents to stay up to date with their child's asthma symptoms, locations and triggers even when they are not with them. 

This video shows the main functionality of the Pod App. Through the use of the app parents, doctors, and children can help to track a child's personal asthma triggers.